Coaching has many benefits, the most important being understanding yourself and clarifying your purposes. Once you gain clarity in above topics, there are several steps that can lead you to healthier life, success and happiness.

1. Know yourself

One of the hardest things in the universe to understand is the interior of our own minds: we can have spent decades on the earth before we’ve grasped even very basic things about who we are and how we function. It’s not for nothing that the Ancient Greeks felt philosophy had only one command: Know yourself! But however arduous, the journey can be facilitated by a few well-aimed bits of advice…

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2.You are the most important

Once this is comfortable settled in your subconscious mind, you will learn to take care of your own needs, not sacrificing your well-being to please the others and learn to settle what you deserve first.

3.Calibrate your expectations

Setting impossible goals can drive us to a miserable life trying to reach those goals while hating ourselves for not succeeding in the end. Learning to calibrate your goals based on your personality, health, energy, IQ and financial status can drive us to a road of happiness ending with success in reaching the goals.

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4.Managing relationships

Relationships take many forms today from the ones with your living partner, children, parents to the ones with your boss or doctors. Assess and discover the key of fulfilment in a relationship. Finding the right balance in each relationship can help you transform that relationships into a positive connection only

5. Be ready to change

After years, mind and personality are so well grounded that it would take a demolition machine to crack them just a little. With proper training, the subconscious mind and the personality can be reshaped for easier adaptation to an ever changing environment around us.

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6. Be aware

Most of us today are either caught up in the past or connected to an imaginary future we would want to be. Unfortunately the past cannot be changed while future is uncertain, as much as we would like to secure it. So, creating and accepting awareness constantly transposes us into the present, living and enjoying every moment.

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