Liver and the rage

Webinar date: 19.05.2021
Webinar hours: 18:00
Webinar duration: 2 hours
Platform: Zoom Meetings
Price: 25 USD
Subjects: Liver and the rage

Participants: Dr Sorina Soescu, public health MD
Catalin Petre, anger management

The liver is one of the largest, strongest and most complex organs of our body. Despite the extensive studies performed by the western medicine, it is not well understood, with little knowledge of its’ role in the body.

The liver has many many functions (some specialists say over 1500). Any discussion about the liver is just a scratch on the surface of this giant whale inside our body.

One of it’s main functions is the “digestion” of feelings, especially those connected with anger and frustration. Feelings like anger, rage, frustration, nervousness or dissatisfaction deeply affects the liver while altering our behavior towards regrettable actions. 

We aim a non-conventional discussion, female-male, doctor-patient and therapist – therapist (3 in 1) about the impact of rage against liver, the impact of liver against rage, about how food affects the liver, as well its’ feelings (rage and frustration) and the best ways of handling and supporting our liver and the intensive feelings disturbing it.


Join the webinar to become a part of our exploration, ask questions through the chat and find as many useful information as possible.