Healing autoimmunity

Autoimmunity is a condition that affects more and more people, especially in the developed nations. We are living the best times in terms of comfort and wealth, however the health and the happiness levels are the lowest registered in human history.

As per western medicine, an autoimmune disease is a condition in which body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the body itself. It takes many forms, like thyroid, intestines, joints, skin and the list can continue.

The medicine is so evolved and yet has not managed to trace the exact causes of this immune-system misfire.

Unfortunately, it never will. First of all it begins with a wrong assumption, the one stating that the body’s immune system attacks the body itself. We are part of nature and I never heard of a lion chewing his own leg or a tree cutting his own branches. Then how is the body attacking itself?

We see so many tv shows on discoveries of how the body is a wonderful machine, perfectly created. We are perfectly adapted to the environment, however we damaged the environment in everything that environment means and so will our bodies.

Based on the simple fact that body will never attack itself and simply leaving it alone, the immune system will do his intended job and that is to protect us and to renew our tissues and repair our organs.

Our modern lifestyle, fatigue, food, intensive emotions, stress they all create an acidic environment inside our bodies. Acidic environments are ideal for development of harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. On the other side, acid irritates the tissues and organs. Chronic exposure to acid will eventually damage the tissues and organs permanently and this is the moment when the immune system does what it is meant to do, remove the existing tissues and organs or parts of organs in order to replace them with new healthy ones. This is the reason behind antibodies against one tissue or organ.

Understanding the complex process of body and immune system works will help you overcome any condition. Join our program for self learning and self improvement, empowering you to fight any condition. 

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