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Discussions without being judged helped me realise that no matter how bad a situation looks, there is always a good way out. Only when you can detach from the emotional stress, you can see the way out. Cutting the evil from its roots is the best option on the long run.
Single mother
Discussions and advice came in a moment which I needed the most. The reasonable advice assisted me to change my career, but also supported me during development of the new career. Every time I encountered a difficult moment, the discussions helped me see the bigger picture and overcome the moment by taking the correct decisions.
Navigation officer
Weight and career start were the main topics which were approached when I first started. With proper guidance, I managed to lose 8 kilograms in 3 weeks, but still keep my energy level high. Career advice helped me to better assess myself and improve on the gaps I had. I could say that discussions and therapy filled my voids.